Add reviewers by sharing a link

There are two ways to share a proof with reviewers: you can simply grab a link to any proof and share it with your reviewers through email, social media or chat, or you can invite reviewers through the ProofMe interface using their email address.

Share a link

The first option for adding reviewers is the easiest.

  • Navigate to your ProofMe dashboard
  • Click the down arrow next to the title of the proof you want to share
  • Select Edit Proof
  • Click the blue button that says Ready? Copy Link
  • The link to your proof is now copied to your clipboard and can be shared via email, social media or chat

When your reviewer clicks on this link, they will be taken to the proof and can immediately begin marking it up and providing feedback.

They will not be required to create an account to review, but if your reviewer does not create an account, they will be marking up the proof anonymously and will be assigned a name and a cat avatar as their profile picture.

When a reviewer decides to create an account, their markups and comments will carry over into their new account and their name and picture will be updated with a name and profile picture of their choosing.

Important: Unless a proof is marked as private, it will be accessible to anyone who has its URL, regardless of whether they were specifically invited to review it. To learn how to mark a proof as private, read: Marking a proof as private.