Upload a proof

In order to upload a proof, you will need a ProofMe account. Read: Create an account.

There are several options for importing your content to ProofMe.

  1. Upload files from your computer
  2. Import files from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Vimeo or OneDrive
  3. Create a proof from a URL

Let's get started!

Upload your project to ProofMe

  • To create your first proof, click on the stack of papers with the large plus sign on your dashboard Screenshot
  • This will open a thin panel on the left-hand side with your import options Screenshot
  • To upload a file from your computer, click on the My Computer icon and navigate to the file
  • If you choose to import from one of the online storage account options, you will be asked to log in to that account the first time. After that initial import, your accounts will be connected and you will not be asked to log in to that account again
  • To create a proof from a website, choose the Web Links option, and enter the URL (www.some-website.com) of the webpage

Once your file is finished uploading, you will see a preview of it in the main window, with a number of different buttons.

Let's talk about those buttons, and what they do. 


The buttons

  1. The Title
    The first file you select will determine the default name of the proof. This appears at the top, next to an image of a padlock. You can edit this title by clicking on the text.
  2. The Padlock
    Proofs are unlisted by default. Clicking this padlock icon allows you to make the proof private.
  3. A Note to Reviewers
    Underneath the title is a place for you to include a note to your reviewers. This note appears in the comments pane in the same place future comments that you and your reviewers leave will appear.
  4. Add Files
    This allows you to add more files to the proof before opening. You can always add more files later if you need to.
  5. Add Reviewers
    This is your first opportunity to add reviewers to the proof. You can also add/remove reviewers later as well, so don't worry if you forget someone at this stage.

    Clicking on the Add Reviewers button will open up a menu on the right-hand side with two options for adding reviewers.

    The first option is at the very top. You can type in a person's email address and send them an invitation to review your proof.

    The other option is to import your contact list from a variety of popular services, such as Gmail and Twitter. Icons for those options are towards the bottom of this options pane. 
  6. Set a Deadline
    This allows you to choose a date and time as the deadline by which the proof needs to be approved. Reviewers will receive reminders as the due date approaches, and when the proof becomes over due.
  7. Ready? Copy Link
    This is another way to add reviewers to your proof. Copy the link, and share it with your reviewers via email, social media or chat. 

    When a reviewer clicks on the link, they will be taken directly to the proof and will be able to start using the annotation tools immediately, without having to create a ProofMe account.
  8. Open Proof
    When you're ready, click on Open Proof to open your proof. 

    Now sit back, relax and wait for the feedback to roll in!