Sharing links in Slack

Before this article makes any sense to you, you'll need to make sure you've connected your ProofMe account with your Slack team. For instructions on how to do that, click here:  Slack Integration How-To

Sharing links

Now that your ProofMe and Slack accounts are connected, you can easily share links and turn them into proofs in Slack. If you frequently use ProofMe to turn web pages into proofs, this feature is a huge time saver.

  • In Slack, preface any link with /proofme, and that link will automatically be turned into a proof and a link to the proof will be displayed. Nobody can see this link except you.


  • To share the link with a member of your slack team, tag that member using the @name method.
  • To share the link with an entire channel, tag that channel using the #channel-name method.
  • To add a due date, simply add "due [due-date]". 
  • To do all all three!


That's it, give it a try!