Reviewing without an account

Reviewing a proof does not require a ProofMe account. If a reviewer chooses to review a proof without creating an account, he or she will be an anonymous reviewer.

Two types of anonymous reviewers:

  1. If you received a direct link to a proof, once you click that link, you will be assigned a name and an avatar. All markups/comments you make will be under that name and avatar
  2. If you received a formal invite via email, when you click the button that says Open Proof, your reviewer name will be the first part of your email address and your profile picture will be a simple box with the first two letters of your email address

If you choose to create a free account, you will be able to select your name and the picture you’d like to use. This enables the proof owner to easily differentiate between the different reviewers who have been invited to review the proof.

What if I create an account after I’ve already marked up a proof and left some comments?

If you create an account, any annotations/comments that you’ve made to a proof will carry over to your new account. The proof owner will notice that your name and profile picture have changed and will be able to easily recognize you.