Using ProofMe's annotation tools

ProofMe's powerful annotation tools let collaborators provide precise, contextual feedback and make clear suggestions for improvement. View images and stream videos without worrying about file size or device compatibility. Inline commenting – including frame-by-frame feedback on video – keeps responses organized.

Click on the tool to find out what it does:


Box tool

This tool allows you to select an area within the proof using a solid or dotted box, or circle.

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Arrow and line tool

This tool allows you to single out elements within a proof with arrows pointing in one direction, arrows pointing in both directions, and solid and dashed underlines.

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Freehand drawing tool

This tool allows you to draw a freehand shape around an area of a proof.

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Text markup tool

This tool allows you to highlight, cross out, and suggest text to be inserted.

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Measure tool

This tool allows you to measure the distance between elements.

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Color picker tool

This tool displays information on the precise color of a proof element.

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Grabber tool

This tool allows you to navigate the document by grabbing, and dragging it around.


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